Rest Easy This Summer: 5 Bemboka Tips To A Cooler Sleep

Rest Easy This Summer: 5 Bemboka Tips To A Cooler Sleep

Published on 24/03/2020

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Australian temperatures have been reported to be on the rise, with 2019/2020 recorded as our hottest summer ever. Keeping your home cool and comfortable is crucial in ensuring a good night’s sleep, and doing so sustainably and without increasing your energy bill is achievable.

Bemboka has collated 5 key tips to keeping both temperatures and costs down in the home, ensuring you can rest easy this summer:

1. Invest in a quality, lightweight summer duvet.
One of the first things you should do as the evenings become balmy and the nights warm up is switch from a heavy, winter quilt to a lightweight duvet. Look for 4.5-tog rating duvets or less, and if you’re feeling a little too cool. Make use of a soft, warm blanket or throw.

2. Take extra care of your mattress.
A quality mattress is essential in getting a good night sleep, year-round. It is important to do your research on the different types of mattresses available, and find one that best suits you. Purchase a mattress protector. These keep mattresses clean and healthy, and can provide added support and comfort. Invest in a few different sets of linen and cotton sheets that can be interchanged as needed, and are both cool and breathable, ideal for the summer months. Pair your sheets with a light doona and sophisticated linen cover to match your room decor for all-night comfort and style.

3. Keep the blinds closed.
Research has shown that up to 40% of your home’s temperature is lost, and 87% gained through uncovered windows. To effectively manage the temperature in your home sustainably, it is important to invest in quality window furnishings, like blinds, shutters or curtains. By keeping them closed at specific times of the day, you can keep the temperature at bay. They’ll also help with a few extra hours of sleep as the sun rises earlier in the summer months

4. Pay attention to colour.
Studies have shown that lighter colours reflect heat, whilst darker colours absorb it. Incorporate neutral hues, such as grey and white, or cooler colours, such as blues and greens into your bedroom colour palette to create a calmer, cooler atmosphere. Paint a feature wall, or opt for a more subtle approach with fresh linen sheets in lighter colours, such as white, ash or stone. Add pops of colour in the form of a soft throw or blanket, or bring your space to life with a selection of green, leafy plants, proven to help in detoxifying air, too.

5. Let the night air in.
During the warmer months, it is often better to close the home up and close the blinds to keep spaces cool. However, opening your doors and windows in the cooler evenings will freshen the air before you head to bed in a set of cool linen sheets.

6. Try a reflective window film.
Ideal for those who prefer to go without curtains or blinds, a reflective window film allows light to pass through, without the heat. Available in home improvement sections and hardware stores, they are a cost-effective addition to any home, especially in higher temperate areas of Australia.

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