How to Choose the Right Bedding for Summer

How to Choose the Right Bedding for Summer

Published on 30/09/2022


  • Fabric
  • Design
  • Size and Weight
  • Thread Count
  • Final Thoughts for Summer Bedding

As the weather gets warmer, you may find yourself wanting to switch out your heavy comforter for something lighter. With all the different types of bedding available, it can be hard to know what to choose.

In this article, Bemboka will help you figure out how to choose the right bedding for summer. This will include discussing the different types of materials available, as well as what to look for in terms of design.


When it comes to summer bedding, the most important thing is to choose a light and breathable fabrics. This will help you stay cool and comfortable on even the warmest nights. Some of the best fabrics for summer bedding include:


Cotton is a great fabric for hot weather, as it’s both light and breathable for your bed sheets. It will keep you cool during the summer nights but can also provide warmer relief when winter strikes again! Also super absorbent for the natural born sweaters. 

Bemboka offers beautiful cotton bedding in different styles and colours that are hypoallergenic so everyone feels comfortable sleeping on them no matter their allergies – they’re perfect after trying out other surfaces without success because of reactivity!


The perfect summer bedding is a delicate balance between comfort and durability. Fortunately, linen fits this criterion nicely by being both breathable and stubbornly absorbent as well as being a great tool to keep your body temperature regulated all year round.

It absorbs moisture well, making it perfect if your sleeping patterns tend towards excessive sweating at night – which means this type of bedding could be just what you need! And don’t forget about how great linens look on display too; these fibres stand out against other items in any room they’re used.

Bemboka’s linen bedding is pre-washed for an ultra-soft feel giving you a great night’s sleep that will make it hard to leave your bed in the morning. We also recommend choosing natural colours like stone, white, or ash grey to keep your space feeling airy and bright during the hotter months!


Bamboo is a great material for summer bedding. It’s natural, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic making it perfect if you have allergies or problems with your respiratory system! The bamboo helps regulate body temperature (not a cold one, because then your body will overcompensate trying to warm you back) which makes those warm nights more comfortable when using this product as opposed to other materials that might cause sweating during such seasons. Be sure to check out Bemboka’s selection today because they offer the best summer bedding.


Bemboka can help you find the perfect bedding for summer months. With a wide range of materials, colours, and designs to choose from for your duvet cover and down comforter, you’re sure to find something that you love.


Colours affect our mood, so it’s important to choose summer bedding that has a calming effect. Cool colours like blue and green can help you feel relaxed, while brighter colours can help you feel energised. A summer breezy bedroom should make you feel happy and relaxed, so choose a colour that makes you feel good. Some of the best colours for summer bedding include:


The clean, fresh qualities of this classic colour are perfect for summer sheets. It’s probably no surprise that white sheets will keep your bed cool in even warmer months if your room receives a fair bit of sunlight during the day.


Blue is another great choice for summer bedding. It is calming and refreshing and gives the illusion of the ocean. 


Pink is a perfect choice for the best bedding on balmy nights. It is light and airy and creates an extremely comforting feeling.


In addition to colour, you will also want to consider patterns when choosing summer bedding. Patterned bedding is a great way to breathe life into your bedroom. Look for patterns like in Bemboka’s knitted blanket range to create an inviting atmosphere that will keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed all summer long!


Incorporating texture into your throw blanket and cotton sheets can be a good way to add interest and dimension. You could incorporate pin tucking, ruffles, or lace for added flair while also helping you stay cool on hot summer nights as the natural fibres will breathe better than traditional fabrics do! 

Try adding light layers like lightweight cotton blankets (or even throws) in addition when making sure it’s comfy all-around; that includes doubling up with one specific type of throw under another depending on what feels most appropriate during certain times throughout the year–from cold winter months right down through heatwave days.

Size and Weight

You should always consider the size and weight when it comes to choosing summer bedding. Make sure that you pick a partner for your mattress which fits snugly so as not to slip or slide around on hot nights, but also light enough so they don’t add any extra stress from being too heavy during these warmer nights. 

Lightweight duvet covers or quilts are a good choice for summer bedding. This will help you stay cool and comfortable, without being too heavy. Flannel sheets are typically too heavy for summer use, so you’ll want to stay away from those!

Thread Count

The thread count of your bedding is an important factor in determining how well you will be able to sleep at night. In the summertime, it’s best not to have high-thread counts because they make us feel hotter and drier when sleeping on them which can cause insomnia or discomfort with any moisture retention caused by increased heat outside temperatures fluctuations

High thread count means tighter spaces between fibres making for more difficult breathability; generally speaking, this type of fabric does NOT provide optimal comfort levels under hot conditions.

Final Thoughts for Summer Bedding

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Summer bedding should be light, airy, and refreshing. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect summer bedding for your home at Bemboka. Flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and quilts are all available in a variety of colours, patterns, textures, and sizes. And don’t forget about the accessories! Bemboka also carries a variety of summer bedding essentials like mattress pads, pillows, and throws to help you create the perfect oasis for hot summer nights.

Be sure to consider colour, pattern, texture, size, weight, and thread count when making your selection to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

Bemboka ’s products have a material makeup that helps with moisture-wicking (drawing perspiration away from the body) and is also temperature regulating. The company has perfected a way to make their textiles softer with each wash–a major summer bonus when it comes time to launder bedding more frequently given the amount of sweat that can be produced when trying to sleep comfortably during the hotter months!

When it comes to summer bedding, don’t sweat it–Bemboka has you covered!

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