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5 Things To Consider When Buying Bathroom Towels

When it comes to buying bath towels, knowing what you’re looking for and an understanding what is both quality and durable is important.


Buying bath towels may seem like an easy feat, but the experts at leading Australian bedding and towelling designer and manufacturer, Bemboka, know there is far more to the right selection than the simplicity of look and feel. To help you navigate your journey the luxury bath time rituals, we’ve curated our top five considerations to bear in mind when choosing your bath towels.

Jacquard Bath Towels in mocha, blush and wheat colours

Bath Sheet or Bath Towel?

Whilst understanding the difference between a face washer and hand towel is widely assumed, did you know that you can choose between a bath sheet or bath towel? The classic Bemboka bath towels measure 70 x 150cm – 10cm longer than the market standard. However, bath sheets are considered the ultimate luxury, designed to be oversized for extra comfort. The Bemboka bath sheets measure at 90 x 170cm – perfect for drying off after a long bath.


It’s all about the surface science

When it comes to touch, it is easy to see why so many believe the fluffier, the better. But there’s science to the surface. A towel with a higher surface density (that is, a fluffier towel) will be more absorbent when drying you off, but will take longer to dry itself. However, a towel with a lower surface density will be less absorbent, but will dry much faster after use. Textured towels, like the Bemboka Jacquard collection, are ideal, as the large  surface area  of the jacquard diamond texture makes the towels highly absorbent, yet fast-drying.

Jacquard Face Washers in mocha, white, wheat and blush colours

Choose natural

When it comes to fabric finish choices, natural is always best. Whilst many suppliers will finish their toweling products with harsh chemicals and silicones (which make towels artificially soft for the first few washes), Bemboka recognizes the importance of choosing fabrics, fibers and finishes that treat your skin kindly. Our premium quality, 100% cotton yarn and natural organic finishing process provides the most premium of experiences, maximizing absorption from the very first use as opposed to requiring repeated washes to remove chemical finishing.


Weigh it up

A high-quality bath towel will feel heavier than it looks. Pick it up and unfold it – you need to get a good feel for its make before deciding to purchase. In terms of thickness and density, this is weighed in grams per square meter (gsm), ranging from 200gsm in very inexpensive towels, to 900gsm in extra thick and heavy towels. Bemboka’s research shows that leading luxury towels with the best ratio of weight, thickness and fast-drying qualities weigh between 650gsm or 700gsm, with bathmats weighing 1200gsm. Furthermore, towels of today come in a variety of textures to choose from – ribbed, waffle, herringbone and more. The texture of the Jacquard collection replicates that of a diamonds – a unique finish, with the Luxe collection seen as more traditional. Feel the difference – select a weight and texture that best suits your needs.

Jacquard Bath Towel in blush colour

Always wash before use

Remember to wash towels before use – not just for hygiene reasons, but to condition the towels and allow them to reach peak absorbency. Bemboka suggests washing them after every few uses. Take care not to overfill the washing machine or tumble dryer to allow room for them to circulate properly. Do not mix towels with clothing, as zippers and other metal or plastic accessories can damage them.  Line-drying should be in a shaded place, away from direct sunlight. To soften your towels after a wash, and ensure extra soft and fluffiness, tumble dry your towels on a medium heat for a few minutes when you take them off the line.